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A Few Words About: Sporting Encounter 

Sporting encounter is an online portal dedicated to Sports Medicine. The latest Pandemics has rendered all of us helpless. Its high time we take charge of our life, our body, our soul.

Its a thorough wake up call to all of you recreational athletes. We realise the importance of loving our bodies.

If you wish to have a body as strong as steel you need to put it to test like one. An unused iron rod needs no enemy to ruin is. It rusts on its own. If you don’t care for your body nobody else will do it for you either.

We all do realise that not everyone enjoys Yoga, Gymming, running etc. So we encourage people to play a sport not go for a workout.

Sport could be anything from MMA, Football, spinning, running. Its all about enjoying your workout regime.

So why do you need Sporting Encounter? Good Question?

As the famous saying goes, “Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness.” – – Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

Sporting encounter brings you an assorted bunch of Passionate Professionals who would love to help you achieve your recreational dreams. HOW? Be Tuned to find out.

Choosing the right sport

Every individual is made differently. Your Body is a complex mechanism which is determined by your eating habits. Your ancestral history. What they had how they took care of themselves. Your books you read. Your lifestyle these and a lot many other factors. So your body too is susceptible to many health hazards. Its complicated to determine as to how you got a certain disease despite having a very clean lifestyle.

Many diseases get detected long after the body has got it. So to erase all these issues modern science has come up with a latest technology called Genetic Testing. Through this test you get to know

How strong your bones are

What diseases are a probable threat to you.


So according to the test results you can get in touch with our dieticians and get your food habits tweaked to evade any possible life threatening disease. So you can even choose your sport with zero tension in your mind.

Every Sport has basic Regime.

Warm Up

Work out

Cool down.

Every regime follows a basic routine.

Nutrition –



Sports are a great way to stay active, make friends, and be involved in something besides routine work. Some people know exactly which sports to play . For others, it’s a tough decision.

So to simplify your issue we have a fool proof solution. It will not only determine which sport you should follow but also

What sport you play is directly proportional to the capacity of the body to withstand the training.

How do you determine which sport you should play?

  • Genetic testing .  By doing the genetic testing you get to know what your inside health looks like. What possible ailments are you prone to? what is the health of your bones like. etc. This helps you consult the dietician and alter your diet to match your body. 


Sports Nutrition

What is Sports Nutrition and How is it different from the regular Nutrition.

The minute one mention diet suddenly in you mind you start imagining lettuce, cucumbers, carrots dancing on your mind.

Let me clarify diet not just about losing weight it is about building your strength and helping your body recover from tiredness too. Amazing isn’t it? That what sports nutrition is all about.

Sports Nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet of course, aimed at improving a person’s athletic performance and help him build endurance.

Nutrition is the synonym of nourishment. When you nourish your body with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, food and supplements that is why the body develops the strength to withstand the pressure of rigorous training.

Endurance sports like running, swimming, cycling, rowing etc are very high endurance games.

For that your body needs to replenish the nutrients it losing during the training. And what better way to do it than nutrition.


Any one can run ? Why do I need a trainer to teach me how to run?

Have you heard this above statement before? You have, haven’t you?

Let me take this opportunity to tell you as to Why it is mandatory to have an athletic coach?

Athletic trainers prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate injuries and illnesses for thousands of high performance athletes each year.

They’re responsible for treating injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening, but their importance does not diminish at the end of every practice or game.

Infact it begins with every game finish.

They understand your body so well they know in detail what routine you should follow and what you can let go. This information can either make you or break you.

They work on the strategy, planning, guiding and accordingly set your routine. This would help you in further improving your performance. If you have not done well in your last game they analyse your game, What have you done wrong, how can you improve, was your posture right, are you using the correct gear, these are the basic questions your coach works on. Its a no brainer That with the right guidance, diet and Training you can actually move mountains.

So the right coach helps you achieve the dream position you always wanted.

Following any endurance sport without any professional guidance is like trying to explore the world without a proper map. You can find a lot of things on the net but you cannot find yourself there.

After all its your health we are talking about. How can you take chances with it.



Injuries are a part and parcel of life. Its not just Athletes all of us face injuries at some point in time. In fact according to the research Knee replacement surgery is the most famous surgery performed on the knees. 97% of the knee replacement patients are people who have never done any form of exercise in their lives.

PLEASE DO NOT RUN/CYCLE /SWIM EVER IN Your life. Its better you push an athlete from the cliff before you say these mean things to them.  

Injuries are a part and parcel of an athlete’s life. Finding the right doctor for a sports injury becomes very challenging.

A regular surgeon will tell you “ please rest and don’t run/walk etc for the rest of your life” But a sports doctor would say” your surgery was successful, you need to relax for few weeks, hire a good rehab physiotherapists, concentrate on you diet, hire a good sports nutritionist for better healing and strength building.

Remember come what may never stop running”.

It sounds too good to be true isn’t it? But that is the fact.

When an athlete gets injured be it recreational or professional he gets injured even mentally. He loses his confidence to continue his life ahead. Hence it is very critical for an athlete to heal and get back to his sport.

Rehabilitation is a very important aspect of treatment. Once you undergo a surgery your joint become jammed a simple walk from your bedroom to the bathroom would become a pain/ This situation is not only painful physically but also mentally. Hence get a good rehab physiology is very very critical.

Recovery is getting back on track once you are through with rehab program. This is the stage when your trainer becomes the most crucial person in your life. Since he knows and understands your body very well.

He designs your routine accordingly. Thus getting you back on track becomes a lot more easier.

Sports psychologist.

An athlete, irrespective of whether he is a professional or a recreational athlete, trains very hard to enhance his performance. Human body is a very intelligent and adaptive mechanism. If you give it rest its goes into dormant mode but if you subject it to rigorous exercise it may rebel initially but eventually it adapts.

Injury is the result of wrong or excessive training, not giving enough rest or nourishment to the body or accident there are umpteen reasons why an athlete gets injured.

Once of the main reasons is when you exercise your body releases endorphins, its a hormone which is released in the body which makes you happy. Its a similar effect one gets when he consumes alcohol. But exercising gives a real high a high of feeling very comfortable with your body.

A high of the confidence good health gives you to conquer the world.

This confidence not only reflects in your sport it reflects in your life too. You are more productive at work. You sleep better. You are stressed over work.

You take it up as a challenge. You are a better person socially and at home too.

In short exercising brings about an overall change in your energy levels and mental strength too.

When the same athlete get injured he falls from the pan straight to the fire.

He can no longer train like he used to. He does not feel the energy or the mental strength like he used inshore he falls mentally as well as physically.

This is the time when your Sports psychologist comes to your help.

A sports psychologist plays a crucial role in an athletes recovery from an injury, thus enhancing their long term performance.

This is because the sports psychologist or therapist is able to provide athletes with tools like stress management and relaxation techniques to help them cope with the pressures of competition and performance. They help them rekindle the fire in their hearts which they always had.

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Why should you consider Sporting Encounter?

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