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Mr. Munir Kulavoor : Marathon Fitness Coach.

Let me ask you one question?

Do you love yourself. If you do then you are in the right place if you don’t ? please feel free to leave.

Lose 10 pounds in 7 days

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If that is what you are here for Please feel free to leave.

We are Fitness and Wellness Enthusiasts not BILLBOARDS for commercial products.

We are very serious professionals who have come together under a single roof with an aim to help you achieve your health and fitness goals without breaking anything except your low self esteem.

We aspire to make you a physically and Mentally strong person if you want that to please welcome to our community.

Sporting Encounter is an online Portal dedicated to Sports Medicine.

We encourage you to run freely without worrying about any thing.

We have Trainers, Sports Physiotherapists, Sports surgeons and Sports Nutritionist onboard to ensure you have safe journey into the world of wellness.

Wellness is a journey and not a destination.

It really does not matter what age you are in or what level of fitness you have . It dose not matter which city you belong to

We just need to reach out to people who love themselves. We are looking for people who would respect this FREE offer and join us in this journey of wellness.

If you are not ready to dedicate that 1hr of your life into your own wellness. Please feel free to leave this forum.

But if you promise to follow this system to the T because you love yourself and don’t mind going that extra mile with us . You are most welcome to join us in this mission to help you achieve your road to Wellness.

To ensure your fitness journey kicks off on a safe note .

We offer you a chance to train with our Very Own Marathon Fitness Trainer For the next two weeks for Free.

Are you ready to avail this offer??

If yes please read ahead.

Mr. Munir Kulavoor :

Let me share my Experience with you:

You must have seen me running various Events.


  • Corrective Exercises Specialist (CES) in the BioMechanics Method.
  • Barefoot training Specialist Level 1 From Evidence based fitness Academy(EBTA).
  • TRX qualified suspension Train.
  • American council on Exercise (ACE) certified Trainer.
  • Certified Marathon Trainer approved by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).
  • Nutrition foundation & Sports  Nutrition Certification by (ACSM)
  • Certified in Heart saver first-aid with CPR & AFT approved under 2016.
  • American Heart Association guidelines for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and emergency Cardiovascular Care.


Runs done and dusted in the past.

  • 24 hours stadium run 2021 -150k.
  • 2nd Runner Up / The Border 100 Miles 2020 – 27:03:16 hrs.
  • 24 hrs Stadium Run, thane 140.63 kms in 24 hrs.
  • 2nd runner up ,Moon night Ultra Challenge 2019, 12hrs, 94K.
  • Igatpuri Mountain Challenge 2019, 50 K.
  • 24 hrs Stadium Run 2019 139.2K.
  • Finished High Altitude Ultramarathon.
  • LA Ultra The High 2018, 111K in 19:13:36 hrs.
  • Ranked 4th, 150.4K in 24 hrs individual Stadium Run, Mumbai, 2018.
  • 2nd runner up at Run the Rann 2018 101K in 18:39:08.
  • 100K in 13:03 hrs at Pune UltraMarathon 2017.

Completed 19 Half Marathon/18 full marathons/ 16 Ultra Marathons.

Conceived and conducted regular Explorunner workshops a series of knowledge sharing sessions to promote running in association with the best sports science and fitness professionals.

Conducted a corporate Run cum workshops for employees of RP Tech India and TATA Capital LTD. on combating sedentary behaviour among corporates Executives.

My sole mission in life is to ensure running grows as a sport and I would love to contribute in whatever little way I can. Hence I wish to share my expertise with you by offering to train you for FREE for next two weeks. Are you ready?? Please fill in the form below to avail your free gift.

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