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What is a Sports Injury?

Sports injury is an injury that occurs during playing or training for a sport. Sports injuries can happen due to multiple reasons, overtraining, lack of conditioning, wrong form or technique. Every professional athlete or sports person necessarily does a warm-up before engaging in training or playing, that is simply because a lack of proper warm-up, too leads to sports injury.

Bruises, strains, sprains, tears and broken bones are a few examples of sports injuries.


Sports injury is an integral part of an athlete’s life. It’s a no brainer when you train hard at times your body is bound to react otherwise at times thus cause injuries.

When we watch Sachin Tendulkar or for that matter, Kapil Dev play we are completely in awe at their batting skills. Aren’t we? Recently we saw a lot of Kapil Devs real-life games thanks to Movie 83.

A final game is just a formality. The fate of the final game totally depends on the training.

Professional athletes train like crazy during their training schedules.


What is Sports Nutrition?

Sports nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet with regard to improving an athlete’s performance.

Did you know the right nutrition can actually help prevent sports injuries? Amazing but true. 

Have you heard the famous food quote you are what you eat?

Literally what goes into the crop shows up on your waist/ waste.

Do you agree?

As we all know that our body is not capable of generating energy on its own. 

It derives its energy from the food we consume. 

Similarly, it is physically incapable of generating the required minerals on its own. 

However, if you give it the right ingredients it is very effective in processing the minerals to the elements which can be used/ stored by the body towards strengthening the same. 

If works something like this. Your body is primarily made up of Bones, Muscles, tendons joints etc. 

What are bones made up of?

Let’s take into consideration your bones. Bones offer the basic framework of your body.

 It gives it a definite shape and provides balance to keep your body erect. 

Calcium and other minerals. 

Did you know that the most vital mineral your bones require to build their strength is Magnesium apart from Vitamin D3? 

You give your body the nutrients it requires and watches the magic happen. 

One more vital component your bones require is collagen. But collagen cannot be absorbed by the body by itself its needs Vitamin C to help the body absorb it.

 If you do not wish to consume collagen as a supplement then you need to give your body nourishment rich in VIT C, E, B1, B2, B6, enzyme Q10 and magnesium once these nutrients reach your stomach, VOILA! 

The chef gets to work towards processing these ingredients to prepare Collagen.

What do you do to improve the flexibility of joints?

The flexibility of joints and tendons is of utmost importance for a professional or recreational athlete.

Normally when you don’t exercise you don’t overstress your joints. A person who has sedentary work or a person who is on a field job. The only joints and tendons they would probably use are the knees and ankles at the most spine. But when we speak about an athlete irrespective of whether they are professional or recreational sportspeople they outstretch almost all their joints.

Hence they need to make sure their joints are flexible to withstand the shock. Proper consumption of fluids and electrolytes ensures the joints are well taken care of.

Can proper Sports nutrition prevent a Sports injury?

Sports nutritionists follow certain guidelines as regards a person and the sport he/she follows. They closely monitor your body, its performance, and how much energy the person consumes during a particular training. They make sure whatever energy is expended by the athlete is replaced with proper balanced diet.

Every person is different so it cannot be a one size fits all kind of concept. The right nutrition also aids in better recovery and more relaxed sleep.

What are the two factors which decide an athlete’s performance?

An athlete who plays an impact sport or an endurance sport needs to have a strong body. There are only two ways to build a strong body. Right nutrition and second is the right training.

Every muscle, bone, tendon, joint etc should be strengthened and nourished in order for an athlete to give his/ her best performance. It’s basic common sense.

The basic two factors which decide an athlete’s performance is Training, Nutrition and Rest.

They need to train their body a certain way so at times their muscles get injured hamstring pulls, and ankle twists are a part and parcel of a professional athlete’s life.

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