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Beginners guide to running a Marathon: Without Injuries


Beginners guide to running a Marathon: without injuries.

Marathon for beginners.

Marathon is a long distance foot race. The distance ranges from 25.2 miles i.e 42.19km to a half marathon i.e 21.2 Km.

Running a 5k or a 10 is not a feat that happens overnight.

Its takes dedication, practice, hard work and of course right guidance.

Running is a natural sport. Almost all of us can walk.

So running comes naturally to us when we wish to walk fast. Isn’t it?

Did you know running is one of the most easiest and simple form of exercise.

You can continue to exercise while you are travelling too. All you need is a pair of shoes and you are good to go.

Did you know running you maiden 10K is not as difficult as it sounds.

The basic rules for Training  for a run, irrespective of distance( the fact if it’s a 5k or a 10 K) remains the same.

You need to be willing to do what ever it takes to crack your goal. Lets see how?

One word of caaution if you do not wish to know more about running techniques and benefits  please do not continue reading ahead.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Trainning. Conquering initial hickups.
  2. Building mileage gradually.
  3. Warmup and cool down stretches.
  4. Speed intervals.
  5. Rhythmic running.
  6. Breathing exercise.
  7. Diet & Nutrition.
  8. Strenghthening Exercise.
  9. Variable wwork out.
  10. Discipline, dedication and declaration. You are good to go.

How train for your maiden marathon  journey?

Running a 10 K is an intense sport. It requires lots of trainning.

One should never attempt it without trainning even if you are a regular runner.

Every run is different in its own way. All routes are different sometimes when you run on the same track you feel you are running on it for the first time.

That is because during trainning at time you concentrate on uphill running.

on the safe side. First you need to pick on the track that you are going to run on. Based on the route you decide your trainning. Lets find out how?


Running a 5k or a 10 is not a feat that happens overnight.

Its takes dedication, practice, hard work and of course right guidance.

The basic rules for Training  for a run, irrespective of distance( the fact if it’s a 5k or a 10 K) remains the same.

You need to be willing to do what ever it takes to crack your goal. Lets see how

  • A first time runner needs to go slow and gradually increase their mileage.

Mileage is a runner’s term for the distance covered      by a particular runner either daily of weekly on monthly what ever the statics.

Initially you begin with a 0.5 km run. When you walk this distance your heavy body does not allow you to pursue more.

You feel breathless. Your leg cramps, you are tired you breath very fast and you just don’t want to do it again.

Its your body telling you to stop because it hates change. However if you shock you body like this it will surely revolt.

But if you gradually nuture the body then it happily responds the way you would like to. That’s is called training.

Just show up at the field the next day. It dosen’t matter whether you run or crawl you can even walk and let your body recover.

You run a shorter distance the next day. Trust me you your body is very intelligent.

It adapts to the training you give. If you give it rest it will sleep you make it run it will initially revolt against you. That when your mind takes over.

You know you want to do better and you beat the revolution within you with consistency and dedicated training.

Nourish your body with nutritious food. Hydrate it with water and electrolytes like coconut water.

Go easy for few weeks. Let you body adapt to a certain distance maintain short term goals.

Treat your self when you achieve your goals. Keep a watch on your performance.

2) Experience runners can jump the distance:

Even an experienced runner if he succumbs to the temptation of sleeping will cease to be an experienced runner he would still dream about running.

But he would have lost his race already, just dreaming about running will fetch you nothing.

By now since you have been training for a  few weeks your body would have adapted to a certain distance.

For example you have trained well for a 5k run you do you 5k but you add 0.5 km more to your regular routine.

Slowly and steadily build your mileage.

3) How to warm up before you start your marathon trainning : Its is very important to get your warm up routine right.

Once you warm up well you are basically training your body or preparing your body for a run.

If you start running without warming up you could end up running with stiff muscles this could lead to injury.

A well warm up session can ensure you a smooth run without hassles.

Similarly post run cool down routine is important too.

If a good warmup kickstarts your shut engine and good cool down routine ensures your safe pause post run.

It relazes your muscles and you feel no pain post that.

This is also good for recovery after a run.

Never skip these routines.

4) Speed intervals training- its called an interval trainning for a reason.

It involves running a distance as short as 0.25 km if for eg one loop is 0.25 km you run fast the next round you run slow allowing your body to recover.

Again next round would be your speed running round.

Since you run at different speeds at different intervals its called an interval training.

Its very good routine for improving your speed and strength. Repeat this routine atleast once a week. This regular practice would drastically improve your pace.


Change your pace. Speed workouts definitely improve your cadence and speed. But you need to find a rhythm where in you run at a pace which is your safe pace whereyour heart beat is normal.

You reach a stage where you are running as if you are meditation this pace is normally slower than your regular pace.

This training may be boring but it strenghthens you lungs and heart thus improving your performance.

Soon you will realize you have automatically increased your pace from a  pace 6 to a pace 5. This routine is followed basically to tune your heart and lungs with the

This training is great to gradually train your lungs and heart and thus minimizing your chances of  breathlessness and a possible cardiac arrest during a run.

This is a gradual process if you rush then there a chances of major mishaps and its your precious life at stake here.

I don’t want you to compromise on anything about your life.

rest of your body .

Its helps in bringing a rhythm to your running.

Breathing: another important aspect of running.

You need to follow regular breathing exercises to strenghthne your liungs.

Breathing exercises like pranayam done for 15 minutes daily can not only help you improve you run, but also it strenghthen your lungs.

Strong lungs mean people with asthma, bronchitis will know the difference immediately because they will realise they use their inhalers and pumps less frequently.

Strong lungs mean less airborne infections like the latest pandemic.


How to breathe right while running a Marathon.

Running has sorted these minor issues without us knowing it already.

Let me share a quick fact about lungs and sirborne infections. Infections are either caused by a virus, fungus or bacteria in short microorganism.

Its all ther in the air. Without our consent we are breathing in and out multiple micro organisms. This also includes the virus which taken over the worldlike a strom.

It needs a favourable ground to breed. If your lungs are strong they cannot breed hence they get excreated along with the carbondioxide which we breath out.

Hence its very important to do breathing exercises.


What diet should be followed while trainning for a marathon:

Diet is also very crucial for training. As you climb higher up interms of strength, mileage, pace etc..,

The right diet can boost your performance. You need to consult a good nutritionist who could guide you according to the requirements of your body. Everyone has a different composition in terms of habbits, diet, surrounding etc there are multiple factors that makeup the complete mechanism called your body. So to figure out what your body requires you need to get your nutrition intake right by hiring a nutriotionist.

By correcting your diet you not only improve your running performance but your life in general.

You can reverse diabetes, heart disease with the right diet.

A body free of health complications is a healthy body.

You are more aware around, you are more alert during the most boring board meetings.

You feel more energetic to do things, situations like lethargy, giddiness, head aches are naturally reduced.

You feel good at the end of the day.

Strenghthening exercises for marathon running.

8) Strenght training: Running is a cardio vascular activity which involves raising you r heartbeat thus circulation and breathing etc. But your body needs to be conditioned, its need to be strenghthened. It needs to be trained to withstand the shock after the body leaps on to the other leg while running.

  • Knee strenghthening
  • Arm Atrenghthening
  • Back strenghthening
  • Spine strenghthening.
  • Leg strenghthening.

Strenghth training and cardio are the integral part of training. Each portion has a different routine which needs to be incorporated into the training routine.

9) Variable workouts. Your body is a very mean machine also a very intelligent machine.

After few months of same training the body tends to get used to the routine. So it no longer takes you to the next level.

This is when you confuse your body with a different set of workouts, diet tweeks, and routine.

These little changes could actually kickstart your system like never before.

For eg. Running is a cardiovascular workout.

Prolonged running leads to a specific muscle group working out rest of the muscles remain un touched. SO if we continue with just running only the particular muscle group which is linked to running gets worked out.

Similarly if you do strength workouts in the gym. Like arms, spine, core these muscles too get strenghthened . In the long run a strong body overall not just legs are important for good overall health.

Yoga is good for improving breathing, Its good for improving your balance, strength and agility.

Importance of a Variable workout while trainning for a Marathon.

It also strenghthens your internal organs. All form of exercise along with running caters to your improvement in running.


Importance of sleep while trainning for a marathon:

Post dinner hit the sack early after meditating for 5 minutes this early to bed habbit is of utmost importance because your body needs that recovery for your next day routine.

A good sleep is the best recovery your body can get.

Once you follow the above mentioned disciplines you can get into hard core running with a vengeance.

Suddenly you will realize you are running faster than normal. You feel lighter. Your landing is smoother.

Your body is leaner. You don’t fear running any more infact you look forward to running. You are not breathless anymore.

A well trained body is is a well trained mind and the day you achieve that stage you have reached your safe zone. You are untouchable now.

That is when you can say that you have found your rhythm all you need to do is dance like no one’s watching I mean hit the track with a vengeance.

Run as if its your last run. Trust me when you start you will think what were you thinking?  The moment you finish you will say when is the next run? That’s my friend is a promise.

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