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  • Sandip Prahlad Joshi: Long distance runner

Sandip Prahlad Joshi: Long distance runner

Sandip Pralhad Joshi, fondly calls himself a common man who loves to run. Sandip Prahlad Joshi the man who dared to bare his comfort zone purely to fulfil his passion…

Mohmad Idris: The First Ironman from Chennai

Profile: Mohmad Idris is a very inspiring and ann outstanding Physical Instructor.  He is extremely passionate about coaching. He has a proven track record for helping students bring out their…

Munir Kulavoor : Marathon Fitness Coach

Munir Kulavoor an extremely talented and amazing long distance Runner. Marathon distance is just 42.195 km, whereas Munir Kulavoor is more famous for the various Ultra Marathon runs he has…